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Good Observatories   

History of website

2024 Feb 18

A page with all good observatories are now also available.

2024 Feb 18

A page with all Downloads are now also available.

2024 Feb 17

The „bad IDs“ are now also available.

2024 Feb 15

The station code in the overview list and the matrix are now linked to an overwiew station web site.

2023 Dec 23

All publications date now in UTC.

2023 May 20

Added the "Disc." column to show the discovery station(s) for this object (asterisk in the observation file).

Added the "Last obs." column to show the date of last observation.

Added title description for table headlines to explain the table heads at mouseover.

Added discovery counting and statistics for the stations.

Added a smaller table with less data to show it on a smaller screen.

2022 July 18

Corrected comma to point for JDs in cgi calls. Ephemeris of MPC should working now.

2022 June 01

Added all-sky graphic of all NEOCP and PCPP positions.

2022 Feb 08

Added cross identifications NEOCP/provisional designations.

Added maximum single residuals to the stations list.

2020 Nov 17

Added the download link to the ORBIT.ALL file.

2019 Dec. 07

Added the finding of minimum values in past and future.

2019 Apr 02

Statistics with a matrix and a stations list added.

2019 Feb 14

Hint for copy both orb files together and some typos.

2019 Jan 25

Better handling of data problems at MPC and Projectpluto.

2019 Jan 10

Creating an overview table of several websites regarding NEOCP. Online at

2018 Dec 31

Added option nokill to save objects, which have been gone from the NEOCP list.

Error with objects and lower alphabet charcter corrected.

2018 Dec 18

Error of calling wget.bat instead of wget.exe removed.

2018 Dec 12

Setup of website.

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